NEW PROGRAMME (4yrs) - Undergraduate - Bachelor's Studies in Industrial Design

Starting from the academic 2017/18, the Undergraduate - Bachelor's Studies in Industrial Design is reconstructed. The study program now lasts 8 Semesters or 4 years.
The study program was developed based on the Industrial Design study program at the South China University of Technology. 
Semester 1
Course codeTitleTypeCredits
ME001 Mathematics 1 Mandatory 7
ME004 Engineering Graphics Mandatory 6
ME002 Mechanics 1 Mandatory 6
ME003 Mechanical Materials 1 Mandatory 6
ME005 Language Elective 3
ME006 Sport and Health Elective 2
Semester 2
Course codeTitleTypeCredits
ME228 Mathematics in 3D Mandatory 7
ME006 Strength of Materials Mandatory 6
ME212 Design techniques Mandatory 5
ME008 Computer-Aided Design Mandatory 6
ME079 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Elective 5
Semester 3
Course codeTitleTypeCredits
ME213 Sketching Mandatory 5
ME012 Mechanics 2 Mandatory 7